complex litigation

Complex Litigation – One Size Does Not Fit All.  Over and over in large multi-party lawsuits and class actions, our highly experienced team achieves more for less.  Our obsession is to provide a “win” for the client, in whatever form it may take, and to do so more quickly and cost-effectively than any other law firm.  Our charter is to manage risk in a way that delivers our clients the best business result.  For our clients, this has meant trying a billion dollar patent case to an East Texas jury, to disposing of cases through motion practice and mediation, to picking up the phone and resolving a dispute before we, or the opposition, ever files a complaint. 

Our firm’s attorneys routinely handle the following types of complex lawsuits: 

  • Patent Litigation;
  • Trademark Litigation;
  • Copyright Litigation;
  • Contract Litigation;
  • Trade Secret Litigation;
  • Unfair Competition and Unfair Business Practices Litigation;
  • False Advertising Litigation;
  • Fraud and other Business Tort Litigation;
  • False Claims Act Litigation; and
  • Government Investigations related to any number of the subject areas above.