taiwan practice

Sold in the US – Made in China – But Designed in Taiwan.

Our Taiwan manufacturing clients face a host of national and international issues that can often make the difference between being profitable on the one hand, and being out of business on the other hand.  Our clients are often “original equipment manufacturers” (“OEMs”) and “original design manufacturers” (“ODMs”) which, if not directly sued for patent infringement or products liability in the United States, regularly receive indemnity demands from their U.S. retail customers for the same.  We are deeply experienced in managing these types of situations between our OEM/ODM clients and their down-stream (or branded) customers.  Where appropriate, we solve these types of legal disputes with “business deals” that put the parties back together.  And in other instances we litigate to judgment.  In addition to managing our clients’ relationships with its customers, we routinely and successfully pursue our clients’ suppliers to enforce their indemnity obligations.