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Boston Chief Judge Cuts Boston University Verdicts Against VBL Clients Epistar and Everlight

July 22, 2016 by in Articles

Chief Judge Patti B. Saris, who presided over the November 2015 jury trial in Trustees of Boston University v. Epistar, Everlight and Lite-On, GRANTED VBL clients Epistar and Everlight’s motion for New Trial, in part, ruling that the highest amount of patent infringement damages supported by the evidence was $1M apiece. The court ruled there was no evidence to support the jury’s lump sum awards in favor of Boston of $9.3M (Epistar) and $4.0M (Everlight). The court ordered Boston to either accept a reduction of the verdicts to $1M for Epistar and $1M for Everlight, or she would convene a new trial on damages. The ruling will result in a cut to the court’s previously awarded prejudgment interest also. Previously the court had added to the $13.3M against the two defendants for a total judgment exceeding $19M. The prejudgment interest on the $2M total award will now probably be below $1M (instead of more than $6M). For a copy of the Court’s decision, Read more.

The court also denied Boston University’s motion for enhanced damages in its entirety, siding with VBL’s clients. Boston had argued that the $13.3M award should be tripled. For a copy of the court’s decision, Read more.